Losing Motivation To Practice Your Guitar

Key Point: 

Do you seem to be losing motivation to practice your guitar? In your guitar practice, if you are trying to practice too many things, each item gets less and less of your attention. It also diminished your motivation.

As we all know, you can find anything you’re looking for on the internet. Actually, you’ll find numerous sources for the same info. Which in some cases is good, but when you collect practice material from several different sources you will also get different teaching strategies, which could be very confusing. You could also get material that is beyond your skillset, which could make you very discouraged and less motivated. By trying to practice everything,  you will not get the practice time needed on the skills your progress will be slow. When progress is slower you will have less motivation to practice.


Find a teacher, in person or online, that specializes in the type of music you want to play. For example, if you want to play heavy metal, find a heavy metal guitar teacher. You can learn the basics from any guitar teacher, but you will make faster progress with the right teacher. With the right teacher and a personalized guitar practice schedule, you will have more motivation and make faster progress.

What To Expect From Your Teacher: 

Your teacher should tell you what to practice. If you pick up some practice material from a different source, ask your teacher about it. Don’t waste valuable practice time on something that is not going to get you where you want to go. Make sure you stay focused on the practice material given to you by your teacher. Ignore everything else.  If you do what your teacher tells you to do you will make faster progress and have more fun doing it. This is also the way to reach your musical goal faster.

Reason For No Progress:

Often when we try to reach specific musical goals without effective practice schedules we have very slow progress. Many beginning musicians think they will become the next overnight wonder. They have a guitar and an amp. But, they soon learn that the skill is learned over time. It doesn’t just happen. In order to reach your dream goal, it’s best to slow down, take your time, learn the fundamentals, and move on only when you are ready.

It’s very important to get a practice plan from your instructor and stick to it. Follow the plan that is given to you. The plan will tell you exactly what to practice, how long to practice, and how to practice your lessons. When you follow your practice schedule you will get a sense of improvement that will keep you motivated.

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