Why Is My Guitar Progress Still So Slow?

Image-by-ElisaRiva-from-Pixabay-1024x811“Why is my guitar progress still slow? I’m taking guitar lessons. I practice a lot and have been trying hard to improve. But it just never seems to happen.  I’m tired of seeing others making faster progress. They don’t have any more ‘natural talent’ or practice time than I do. I’m just not having fun anymore.”

Does this sound like you?

Have you heard practice, practice, practice? Most of us who have tried to learn how to play an instrument have heard this advice hundreds of times. But, more often than not, it doesn’t seem to matter how much you practice. You don’t seem to make the progress you desire.  After years of trying to achieve the musical goals, we say, “Well, I guess I won’t be the great guitarist so I’ll just play for me.

Are you standing in your own way? Are you keeping yourself from achieving your goals? Most guitar students have more than enough things (licks, techniques, exercises, scales, etc.) to practice, but their approach to practicing guitar is often ineffective, inefficient and unorganized.

It’s simple. It’s not about how long you practice or how hard you practice or even what you practice. It comes down to “Practicing Smart.” 

Do you know how to create truly effective guitar practice routines for yourself? Most guitar players ‘assume’ that they know how to do this, but in reality most do not. You can quickly determine which group you fall into by considering whether or not you are able to get BIG results from your guitar practicing. If the answer to this question is anything other than a resounding “YES!”, it’s time to find out exactly what things are standing in the way of you making powerful progress from your guitar practicing efforts. Time to find out!!!

Make Guitar Practice Efficient and Fun Again


“It’s never too late to be what you might have been,” George Eliot

People often blame their slow progress on a lot of different things like the teacher or no teacher, not enough time to practice, not practicing the proper things. Some give up saying, “I’m just not good enough.”

It’s not whether or not they have the potential,  how much they practice, their teacher, or self-disciplined.

The problem is that they don’t have a practice schedule that is personalized according to their needs, music challenges, and goals.

Read More about The Practice Generator System, how it was designed and how you, as a budding guitarist, can benefit.

Common Myths About Practice

Students often think that a rigid practice schedule limits learning.  The reality is that we, as humans, learn faster and better with more organization and structure – When a Person Has Structure for Thinking, Better Learning Emerges. A structured practice schedule that’s designed for a specific person won’t necessarily work for somebody else, because we all learn differently. Also, creating your own practice schedule probably won’t work well either, as mentioned above, a decent practice schedule takes your skill level, musical challenges, needs, and goals into consideration, which you may not be aware of.

Myth #1: You may say that a rigid practice schedule is boring and no fun, you want to play the latest songs on the top ten chard.

Myth #2: Some students think that a rigid practice schedule is too hard to stick too.

Myth #3: Others feel that a rigid practice schedule limits their creativity.

Myth #4: Some feel that a practice routine hinders their progress – it just doesn’t work.

A structured guitar practice schedule helps you focus on what will help you solve your guitar playing problems. It will also help you develop the skills that you need to become a good guitarist. A practice schedule will help you maximize your practice time, resulting in fewer distractions and no wasted time. It will help you take your playing from where it is to where you want it to be.

Avoid mindless practicing. 

Have you ever participated in “mindless practice” where you are going through the motions, but your mind is elsewhere? Do you actually think you will improve your skills with “mindless practice?” Think again!! You don’t receive any benefit from “mindless practice” and in fact, you are creating bad habits.  You’ll be able to tell your teacher that you spent X amount of your time practicing that exercise, but he/she will be able to tell that you are simply engaged in “mindless” practice.

Strategically Designed Path. 

Photo by Roy Reyna from Pexels

Don’t be the one who dreams about being a professional guitarist, but finds yourself bored with your progress. Fix it!!

Has your teacher strategically designed your practice time? Are you trying to teach yourself how to play or do you have a teacher? Do you really want to become a professional guitarist? If so, you need a teacher that can direct you down the right path.  Guitar teachers know what you need to become the professional that you have been dreaming about. When you have a guitar teacher you will learn and have fun during the process.

I know you really want to be the guitarist who can’t wait to practice. You can enjoy your practice time and be the one who looks forward to that part of your day. Click here to learn how to improve your skill faster and love every step of the practice.

Remember what Vince Lombardi said, “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” 

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