Acoustic Guitar Reviews for Beginners and Pros

Acoustic Guitars: Image by endri yana yana from Pixabay

Martin Acoustic Guitars

C.F. Martin & Co.® a leader in Acoustic Guitars Worldwide has been inspiring musicians for nearly two centuries with superior quality guitars and strings. Martin’s quality in their craftsmanship and tone keep Martin guitars the choice of many guitarists. Martin products are used in all music genres including pop culture, concerts, and even television and movie flicks.

Martin have been chosen by Musicians for years because of their craftsmanship and ton quality. Martin maintains an excellent, unwavering commitment to the quality of their products and their commitment to environmentally responsible in production practices.

Martin’s ingenuity in creating innovative features for their guitars continues to drive the market forward with a number of their innovations such as the X-bracing, the 14-fret guitar, and therefore the “Dreadnought” large-sized guitar.

 In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about buying your best-first-guitar to start your musical journey:

        • 1. How to plan the your musical journey for success
        • 2. Best Guitar: acoustic or electric
        • 3. Guitar size and action that fits you comfortably
        • 4. How to make sure you get a guitar with good sound
        • 5. Best brand/guitar at an affordable price
        • 6. Lessons: online, in person, or classroom.

The question is not about how expensive or how cheap the guitar is, but deciding how much you can afford, and get the best guitar for the price.

Before buying a guitar it’s important to determine where you want your musical journey to take you. Do you want to play just for fun? Are you considering a possible Professional Career? If so, you need to set some goals accordingly.

Buying a Guitar for a Beginner

This guide will give you a list of some of the best beginner guitars and approximate prices with a focus on short-scale guitars specifically for smaller hands.

Starting with the right guitar helps beginners build a good foundation upon which to develop their skills. Students need a guitar that fits well with them. One that is fun, looks nice and, most of all sounds good… a beginner-friendly guitar.

When buying a guitar for a beginner, one of the first things that need, to be considered is the size of the beginner’s hands. Many beginners are younger children with smaller hands.

If you have gone to a local guitar shop to test drive guitars, you may have noticed that they did not stock many short-scale guitars specifically designed for smaller hands.

Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Taylor Guitars, one of the largest guitar manufacturers in the United States, is located in El Cajon, California. They specialize in acoustic guitars in a variety of different sizes, plus semi-hollow body electric guitars. Their lower-priced guitars, the Baby Taylor, Big Baby Taylor, GS-Mini, and Academy Series acoustic guitars and acoustic-electric guitars are all made just over the border near Tecate, Mexico. 

The GuitarSquid stated in a review that Taylor Guitars have produced some of the greatest guitars in the business and have continued doing so for more than 40 years.

The GuitarSquid goes on to say that the GS Mini, one of their newest guitars, is a compact guitar that gives the guitarist great quality and can be valued as a guitar superstar.

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