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“James Taylor”  the self-titled debut album, written and recorded by James Taylor released on December 6, 1968.

This was the first recording by a non-British artist by Apple Records and was Taylor’s only release on that label.

Something in the Way She Moves was Taylor’s first recording in the fall of 1968.

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Acoustic Learning Path

As with all the First Steps, in each music style, the first course is FREE, no card required. It’s FREE. It’s designed to have you playing quickly. 
First Step in Acoustic Lessons

Blues Learning Path

TrueFire’s Interactive Video Software makes it easy to craft your own curriculum. Study at your own speed.  You control all aspects of your learning. First Step in Blues Lessons

The learning system was designed to accelerate your learning with a hands-on method. You will be playing quickly and painlessly. First Steps in the Bass Lessons.

Country Learning Path

Are you ready to start strumming? You will learn chords in your first lesson. You will also be playing throughout your entire course. First Steps in the Country Program.

Jazz Learning Path

In the first Jazz Guitar Lesson, you’ll learn more guitar chords, how to keep a steady rhythm, and how to change guitar chords smoothly. First Steps in the Jazz Program.

Rock Learning Path

By the end of all of the beginning free guitar courses, you’ll know a handful of songs you can play in your chosen style. First Steps in the Rock Program.

All of the FREE beginning guitar lessons mentioned above, are presented in easy-to-digest, bite-sized chunks to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. or frustrated.

The instructor will guide you every step of the way through each lesson in a unique “playalong” session. This is different than most lessons where you are sent to practice on your own.

You will also be able to play along with jam tracks with what you have learned. This allows you to hear how you sound in comparison to the other instruments in the band.

With each lesson mentioned above, you will immediately receive a download of the video lessons, the guitar tab, and charts, plus jam tracks.

All  lessons feature multiple angles providing close-up views of the guitarist’s hands as he/she plays. They also use SoundSlice which is a music learning platform with interactive music notation. As the teacher plays through a lesson, in a different camera angle, Soundslice follows the music notation or chord chart as the music is being played. TrueFire has teamed up with SoundSlice to provide the best way to learn any song.

These lessons focus on teaching techniques instead of learning numerous songs so that the guitarists are able to apply their skills in any situation. This could be a negative for a guitarist who just wants to learn songs, but it is a plus for someone who has the dream of playing professionally. 

They also offer private lessons with an instructor of your choices for an extra cost. There is a wide variety of programs and costs for private lessons. In the private lesson, you get 1 topic-specific lesson with the instructor of your choice. The lesson includes a skill assessment, video messaging, file attachments, and a discussion thread for a one-time fee. The cost of the private lesson, considering the video and written assessment, the cost is very reasonable. There are several plans to choose from.

In comparison, I priced lessons in our local city. The prices ranged anywhere from $30 to $276 per hour.

I took music lessons for years. Online video lessons with an occasional private lesson, in my opinion, would be much more productive. With a video lesson, you have something to listen to and compare to your playing, whereas, with face-to-face lessons, you often miss something the teacher is saying causing your practice to be less effective and your learning slower.

Private lessons give you the benefit of learning from an experienced guitarist and teacher while learning from home with the video lessons and practice tracks. This is one area where TrueFire provides more opportunities than other online guitar lessons.